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Jewelz escaped from a life as a travelling bum with no other reason to travel than to experience the people, the food and the places. She first met the hula-hoop in 2006, apparently not interested in it during her childhood years. In 2006/7 Jewelz and her hoops travelled around Oz ushering with Cirque du Soleil. In 2007/8 she introduced her “hoops” to overseas travel and on that trip seeds were planted for a long and steady relationship. She attempts to master the piece/s of plastic, which she has found have infinite possibilities, so the mastering journey continues. She practices traditional circus, hoop dance, creative movement & play plus thinking outside of the hoop.

Jewelz and her hoops have taught and performed to all ages from 2yo to 80yo; birthday parties, hen’s parties, weddings, pre-schools, primary schools, high schools, after-school care, vacation care, youth centres, women’s retreats, yoga retreats, festivals, people with disabilities and the disadvantaged.

She has trained with well-known Australian and international hula hoopists. Jewelz has received inspiration and training through classes and workshops in traditional circus, technical circus skills, hoop dance, movement & flow, physical theatre, a dabbling of clowning, choreography, various dance forms, yoga and laughter yoga.

  • She has completed hoop teacher training with Bunny Hoopstar
  • Is accredited with the Australian Sport Commission as a coach under the Active After School Communities program
  • Is a Laughter Yoga facilitator
  •  Has worked as a fitness leader in the NSW Health program MEND that runs term long programs that support 7-12yo overweight children and their families
  • Has her Fitness Certificate III & IV

She has performed with her hoops nationally and internationally. In 2010 Jewelz and her sister taught and performed their debut duo act in Japan at Spin Matsuri.

In 2010 Jewelz founded Hoopy Happenings, which is an annual 3-day retreat/gathering/camp with workshops specifically for hoopers. For more information about Hoopy Happenings….www.hoopyhappenings.com

In 2012 Jewelz and her hoops journeyed together to Thailand to work with Spark Circus, a social circus that goes to the Thai/Burma border to teach, play and perform for the Burmese children in orphanages and schools. Together with 20 others from around the world they performed day shows, fire shows and LED shows plus ran circus workshops with the children. Next was Cambodia where she worked with Green Gecko Project (a home for former street kids). Jewelz, 59 children aged 7-20yo plus 50 hoops that she made and took with her. During the 5-week project they learnt skills, routines, made costumes and then they put on a show for their families and friends. 2012 was a travelling year for Jewelz, five days after landing back in Sydney she received a letter from The Ian Potter Cultural Trust that she was successful in her grant application. So in July 2012 Jewelz and her hoops embarked on a 3month journey to Germany, UK and USA attending 6 hoop festival/conventions. Jewelz taught and performed in both Germany and the UK.

She performs solo as Jewelz A Hoopz blending her unique style of traditional circus hoop & hoop dance with shimmering hoops, LED hoops, UV Hoops and Fire hoop & fans.

She brings joy, laughter, bubbles, balloons and sparkles to children’s parties as Jewelz Rainbow Sparkle Heart.

Her new character Lil Mizz Hoopy Loopy emerged from books that Jewelz has written for children, weaving her “Hoop Tales” for young & old alike…click here

She also performs in a hoop duo with her sister as the La La SistarZ…click here

Jewelz performs in “The Lottie Show”, a musical hooping adventure with Peter Morgan, a local Sutherland Shire musician….click here