What is HOOP 4 HOPE?

A hula hoop – a circle – a connection! Much of our life is cyclical and we spin around and through our lives in all different ways. Hoop 4 Hope was born this year (2017) when discussing the involvement of the hoop and the Inner West Relay for Life. Having a hoop that travels around the relay circuit by rolling, skipping, hooping, carrying or whichever way it gets taken around. And each person that touches that HOOP can write a message of HOPE on it. At the end of the Relay it will be presented to somebody.

They can use it for fitness, for play, for dancing, for sitting in to meditate, to make a dream catcher out of?

“We¬† are raising the spirits for the fundraisers “

How did Jewelz & The La La SistarZ get involved?

In 2013 Jewelz & her sister Lisa (aka The La La SistarZ) were asked to be involved in raising the spirits of the Inner West Relay For Life participants through their hooping and bubbly personalities.

With their father being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January 2013, this helped with making their decision to be apart of the relay.

They couldn’t commit in 2014 or 2015. In 2016 only Jewelz could be there squeezing in some time before and after the Mardi Gras Parade, which she has hooped in for many years with the Hoop Float.

Want to Get Involved?

What to expect?

Relay For Life starts on a Saturday at 9.30am and finishes on the Sunday at 10am


We are there to give the participants energy and keep them going! You do not have to be a hooper to help out. If you join us on our mission:

  • Will have a tent set up so you can have a nap if you decide to commit to the 24hrs
  • You are welcome to BYO tent!
  • You should bring food & snacks, sunblock and maybe a onesie if it gets cold at night.
  • Your Hoop, if you are a hooper – regular for daytime & LED for night time.
  • If you would like to do a performance on the stage please contact Jewelz: [email protected]