Hoop School O’Clock

School Programs specifically designed for:

  • Pre-Schools
  • Primary School

The programs cover the fundamental movement skills that are a requirement of any sports and physical activities under the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) guidelines.

Combing hula-hoop skills through hoop games, relays, creative play, laughter yoga, dance and movement.

Jewelz A Hoopz has various sized hoops for all ages and abilities:

  • Mini hoops for hand hooping & Native American Indian hoop play
  • For on body hooping: 75cm – 95cm
  • Plus teacher friendly sizes so that teachers may also join, enjoy and continue to teach the children

Jewelz A Hoopz is an avid lover of hoopafying games and adding other circus skills into the mix as well.

Circus Skills programs include:

  • Balancing Objects
  • Devil Sticks (flower sticks)
  • Hula Hoops – mini hand hoops & regular hoops
  • Juggle Balls
  • Juggling Scarves
  • Poi
  • Ribbons
  • Spinning Plates

Teacher Training packages available for schools, childcare centres, playgroups and children fitness specialists.

Vacation & Holiday Incursions available.

“The Lottie Show” a musical hooping adventure click here for more information…

Jewelz A Hoopz and any teachers that represent Jewelz A Hoopz have valid Working With Children Checks.