It is time! It is HoopFIT O’Clock Burn kilojoules with Kill-A-Jewelz Kill-A-Jewelz will train you in Hoop Combat Advice in choosing your weapon of mass distraction Preparing you for battle with tactical warm ups Importance of positioning What to do when your weapon fails How to combat fatigue Strengthening & conditioning tactics Combat Strategies It’s FUN It’s FITNESS It’s FAB AB ATTACK! HoopFIT O’Clock:

  • Fab Ab Attack
  • Abs ‘n Arms
  • Ab Cardio Attack
  • Top to Toe

Fab Ab Hoop Attack E-Manual Package includes:

  • Kill-A-Jewelz Hoop Combat strategies
  • 30 Days x 30min Fab Ab Attack workouts
  • Complete guide to the moves
  • Link to videos
  • Hoop Combat Diary

Hoop Fitness programs for all ages:

  • Choose your level of cardio workout: low to high intensity
  • Includes laughter yoga
  • Workshops & classes brought to you
  • Program packages for Gyms & Personal Trainers
  • Wheelchair Workouts

Hoop Olympics – team building fun for all ages: Fun Sports Days for schools:

  • Pre-school
  • Primary school
  • High school

Corporate Team Building

  • Corporate Family Fun Days

Kill-A-Jewelz has her Certificate III & IV in Fitness and is registered with Fitness Australia. Contact Kill-A-Jewelz for more information and to discuss you individual needs.