Relay For Life Hoop would be purple, white & yellow. They would make $10 on each hoop they sold through their links & eventually through my website.
Breast Cancer Hoop – a hoop ordered with a pink stripe.
Domestic Violence – a hoop ordered with a white stripe.

Read more about how HOOPZ 4 HOPE came to be [click to a page about Relay for Life]

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What is HOOPZ 4 HOPE?

It was born from my involvement with Relay For Life Sydney but now it is where I would like to spin HOPE into peoples lives through the power of the HOOP.
Empowering people through play, connection to self & to body, connection to community.

The CIRCLE (HOOP) represents many things including totality, wholeness, no beginning, no end, ever-lasting love plus more.
As we spin the hoop, we spin love and hope for those who need it.
We offer our love into this hoop and twirl it around.

Provide Hula Hooping Outreach programs
Which can include:
Hooping for fitness, dance, play and creativity, art
Hula hoop making with participants
Provide Train the Trainer programs
Empowering staff to run the programs.
Raise funds through:
T-Shirt Sales
Badge Sales
Use the funds from the above sales to go toward me being able to provide my services at low prices or cost free.
Create Charity Hoops
Hoops made especially for a charity for them to sell – they would make $10 on each hoop they sold.


How did Jewelz A Hoopz get involved?

In 2013 the person in charge of entertainment Googled entertainers and up popped Jewelz A Hoopz. Jewelz, together with her sister Lisa (aka The La La SistarZ) got involved in raising the spirits of the Inner West Relay For Life participants through their hooping and bubbly personalities.

With their father being diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January 2013, this helped with making their decision to be apart of the relay.

In 2017 Hoop 4 Hope was born when discussing the involvement of the hoop and the Inner West Relay for Life. Jewelz wanted to make a hoop that would do the 24hours with the fundraisers. Raising their spirits as they raised funds for the Cancer Council. The hoop travelled around the relay circuit by means of rolling, skipping, hooping, carrying or whichever way it got taken around the track. Each person that touched that HOOP, carried their own story of HOPE with it. At the end of the Relay it was presented to a woman who was on her journey with cancer.

During the day Jewelz & a Hoop Crew brought joy to many by teaching them tricks and playing with them. They helped with the HOOP4HOPE to do it’s laps and keep it spinning. During the night the hard core relay team members kept the hoop going around while Jewelz, Jess & Bryce got some sleep.

In 2018 many of the Relay teams now knew about the HOOPZ4HOPE and this year it had it’s own lap counter. Jewelz & the Hoop Crew were there to send the hoop off & to cheer the teams on in their last hours and to her surprise the HOOPZ4HOPE had done over 100 laps.

Jewelz hopes that the HOOPZ4HOPE continues to be a Sydney Relay For Life’s community baton and that in 2019 can also raise funds through hoop sales & funds through T-Shirt & badge sales.

You might want to grab a cuppa and watch.